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Another day, another video of a crash involving someone showing off at a car show. Don’t be that guy!


It’s happened again. Some dolt in a car that is probably four times the vehicle they should ever need was filmed making an ass of himself while endangering not only himself, but everyone around him, for the sake of the show.

The video hits YouTube, and immediately any and everything about what happens falls under the microscope of the Internet’s judgmental eye. Here’s the facts: The Shelby GT500, which makes 662 horsepower bone-stock (we don’t know if this car was modified power-wise or not) is not a first-timer’s car. It does not suffer fools, and requires maturity to safely operate. The driver, as they were leaving a car show, rolled into the throttle, broke the back end loose and hazed the tires off. He then shifted gears, the Shelby got upset, spun, slammed into a parked Ram 1500, bounced off of the truck, slid across some grass and came to rest parked against a New Edge-era Mustang. The driver of the car was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance.

By sheer mercy only the idiot behind the wheel seems to be hurt. But the owner of the Ram is now out of a truck, because it was hit hard enough to spin almost 180 degrees around, and the owner of the older Mustang has wrinkled bodywork from where the Shelby, which is totaled out without question, came to rest. And what’s the first thing that I see about this whole incident? The airbags did not deploy. That’s the first issue? Not that the driver of the Shelby lost all brain function before deciding to do a high-speed rolling burnout, not that a Shelby Mustang hit a 6,300+ pound pickup truck hard enough to spin it around, not that the dude is damn lucky he didn’t remove himself from the gene pool with this stunt, or that the Shelby didn’t roll over once it hit the curb? The airbags didn’t go off in a side impact. Way to focus on the important issues.

Every time stupid shit like this goes viral, it’s another blow to the automotive community that is honestly trying to keep from being marginalized. If you want to keep enjoying what we all love, find this guy in your group and ram some sense into them before they become another viral video.

Source: bangshift.com


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