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Video: 5 Must See Bugatti Veyron Races


Everyone knows the Veyron is the planet’s fastest production car on paper, but does it really dominate the competition on the track?

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the last few years, you know all about the Bugatti Veyron. It’s the fastest production car ever created and it has a price tag to match. The Veyron’s ridiculously powerful engine stands head and shoulders above all other supercars on the planet, but how does it perform when it gets on the track against real competition? The answer, perhaps unsurprisingly, is amazing.

Continue reading below to see the Veyron shred its closest competition on the track. A Skyline GT-R R34 isn’t exactly the Veyron’s closest competition, but a tuned version of it is still a worthy adversary. This GT-R gets off the line fast, but it’s overtaken in the end by the beefy Bugatti.

Top Gear went to Abu Dhabi to race a Bugatti Veyron against a McLaren F1 in a mile-long race. Richard Hammond is driving the Veyron and the Stig is piloting the F1, so you’d think that the McLaren has an advantage here. Yeah, it still gets smoked.

This video features a ton of supercar races, but the one that’s of any interest to us is the Aventador and Veyron matchup. The Aventador gives the Veyron and pretty good run for its money through the quarter mile showdown. Surprise: it loses in the end.

Top Gear proved that the Veyron can be beaten when it raced it against a Euro Fighter Typhoon. The Veyron had to do a mile and back on the track, and the Typhoon had to do a mile up and a mile down. The race is close, but the Typhoon pulls it out.

On paper, a Pagani Zonda F doesn’t stand a chance against a Bugatti Veyron in a quarter mile race. On the track it’s pretty much the same story. The Zonda F didn’t stand a chance, especially with Captain Slow behind the wheel.


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