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Video: More bad driving! Watch this Citroen run a Taxi off of the road in Brazil


It’s bad enough when your own driving is the reason why your car has to be taken away on a flatbed truck, but it’s something else entirely when someone else’s driving does it for you.

The most uncontrollable part of driving on public roads are the actions of the other drivers around you. From driving impaired or sleepy, to being distracted, to driving a ticking time bomb, there’s lots of factors that can turn your day sour when someone else is factored into the equation.

The white car in this video is a taxi in Brazil. He’s cruising right along, minding his own business. See the black Citroen next to him? He’s having some kind of anger issue and decides to take it out on the taxi…there is simply no way to believe that the contact was accidental. The impact pushes the taxi into the median where is slides and starts rolling, ending up back in the highway, facing the wrong way, on it’s wheels.

The driver gets out and appears to be uninjured. The Citroen? From what can be seen in the video, it’s long gone.

Source: bangshift.com


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