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Video: This Could be the Greatest Acura Integra Ever


Why? Because this one has 740 hp, and it’s faster than a 880 hp Corvette.

Back when Acura was still relevant in the US, it built a sweet little coupe called the Integra. It was never anything fancy, but like any Honda it was highly tunable. There are still many of them on the road today, but this one – that’s been brought to our attention thanks to the crew at 1320Video – may just be the greatest of its kind.

Thanks to an added turbo and a number of other modifications, this Integra produces an astonishing 740 horsepower. Check it out as it races an also tuned 880 hp Corvette. It then faces off against a 750 hp Audi R8 and a 1,100 hp Nissan GT-R. The results are unreal. Could you imagine Acura making a coupe like this today? We can’t. You’ll have to modify the hell out of a Honda Civic Si instead.


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