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Video: This is why you do not change lanes blindly!


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world…if you are driving a car and you need to change lanes, you always make sure the lane is clear: to the rear to make sure there isn’t a car in your blind spot, to the side to make sure that you don’t broadside someone, and to the front to make sure that you have the space to move into.

Any failure of these three checks ends up with crunched metal and broken glass. If you just hear a horn and several irate words, you got lucky.

The driver of this Focus didn’t get lucky. 25 year-old Jasmien Claeys was crossing from the far-left lane to the deceleration lane and instead of progressively moving right decided to skip through the middle lane in one motion. Unfortunately for her, she did not see the stopped lorry in the deceleration lane and drilled right into the back of the trailer, bouncing the Focus right into the path of the truck with the dash cam.

The impact is nothing short of horrific, and just to drive the point home on how hard the impact is, you get a great view of her gym bag sliding down the highway.

Claeys suffered a shattered hand and broke her two two vertebrae, and was in a coma for a time, but she told Belgian news station HLN that she was recovering “exceptionally well.”

Source: bangshift.com


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