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Video: This video shows a Ford Focus hitting the wall at 120 miles an hour!


Sometimes a test needs to be performed simply “just because”…just because it could happen, just to see what would happen. It can be a dark curiosity, but it’s human nature to want to know.

In this case, UK television show Fifth Gear decided that they needed to run a test to determine what would happen if a family sedan was involved in a high-speed accident, one much higher than the Euro NCAP ratings tested for. They got a first-generation Focus, a winch capable of producing over 15,000 ft/lbs of torque, and a crew of experts to set up the test. They even stuffed in a couple of mannequins after NCAP refused to use their own crash test dummies.

The hit is beyond words, and that noise rattles you when you hear it over speakers…we can only imagine what it sounded like in person. The damage to the Ford is beyond words and is absolutely terrifying to see. It’s highly unlikely that any other vehicle used for this demonstration would fare much better than this Focus did. You could try to explain all day what would happen in such a scenario…or you can click play below and see for yourself.

Source: bangshift.com


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