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Video: Watch this Camaro launch, get vertical, drag the bumper and land on all four!


So we’re currently in some sort of a wheelie video phase here at BangShift with three mondo wheels up clips in the last few days.

This one is hard to beat in both the height and duration departments. Also, the fact that this car drags its steel bumper hard enough to make it spark like the titanium pucks on the back of a wheelstander is good for bonus points. Jason Michalak is the driver of this sweet Camaro drag car and he had the ride of his life recently on the eighth mile at Houston Motorsports Park. There are other videos of this car pulling big wheels up launches but this one is the most death-defying of them all.

This could win the award for the most pyrotechnic wheelstand of the year as well. Why? Well we have flames from the bullhorn style exhaust, we have sparks coming off the bumper, we have a major league nitrous pop when Jason pedals the car at cruising altitude and then we have another shower of sparks when it lands and tacos everything that isn’t above the frame. The good part is that the car didn’t pitch itself over onto the side or onto the roof. There is a mighty THUD when the Camaro comes back down to the ground. At least it did so on the correct side.

When you watch the video, you’ll see a clean run at first and then about 30-seconds in is the wheelstand pass. Had it not kept carrying the nose higher, it would have run a number. No spin to speak of and it was really pulling hard. We bet only a couple more pounds of ballast or weight in the nose would have kept that thing hovering a foot or two off the pavement and Jason would have been off to the races. Just a guess, though.

Anyway, check out this video. It is awesome and we’re glad the car was not destroyed in the process of making it!

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